rajan madaan

I am a Portraitist,i take pictures of people.Born and grew up in Muktsar (Punjab), the early years of my life were very tough as I belong to a middle class family.At the age of fourteen I quit my studies and started chasing my passion of photography.As a child I was very passionate about photography.

I learnt many things in four years while living in Muktsar.At the age of eigteen I moved to Chandigarh.Now I am 22 and doing professional photography in chandigarh.

My goal is to show the beauty,grace,strength and entusiasm of people and to be as creative as possible towards everything I enterprise.

I am based in chandigarh city but travel for projects across India.I am also fond of nature , animals and birds and love to capture them.

I deeply believe in teamwork,community and collaboration.

Having achived so much in such less time,I still feel that my journey has just begun.